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  • ApartGame exhibitions and events

2016 - current

  • NL, Kerkrade, Continium Discovery Center *in the workshop*

2013 - 2016


  • NL, Asten-Heusden, De Pandoer, open party space



  • UK, London, ATEI/ICE London (Amusement Trades Exhibition International)
  • UK, Brean Sands, Pontin’s resort
  • NL, Scheveningen, Hommerson
  • NL, Amsterdam, Living Tomorrow, Creative Minds
  • NL, Amsterdam, Barshow:nl
  • NL, The Hague, DECC (Dutch Entertainment Computing Consortium)
  • NL, Rotterdam, eCommerce
  • NL, Rotterdam, 100% design beurs
  • NL, Rotterdam, eDay
  • NL, Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week
  • NL, Amsterdam, Brightlive


  • NL, Utrecht, SNS bank event
  • NL, Utrecht KPMG event
  • NL, Leiden, Digitainment
  • UK, London, ATEI/ICE (Amusement Trades Exhibition International/International Casino Exhibition)
  • NL, Maarssen, National Innovation Event
  • NL, Amsterdam, Barshow:nl
  • NL, Eindhoven, Lucid Escapism
  • NL, Rotterdam, Now & Wow
  • NL, Tilburg, Cafe Uit


  • NL, Eindhoven, ICEC’04 (International Conference on Entertainment Computing)
  • NL, Eindhoven, TU/e, BEST "Designing the Game of the Future: The Next Generation of Game Design"
  • NL, Maastricht, TiLE (Trends in Leisure and Entertainment)
  • AUT, Vienna, CHI’04 (Computer Human Interaction) Connect
  • NL, Utrecht, HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts) Arts festival: Parade
  • NL, Rotterdam, IFFR 2004 (International Film Festival Rotterdam)
  • NL, Amsterdam, Cinekid Festival
  • NL, Utrecht, Dutch Film festival


  • NL, Hilversum, Open Doors Interaction Design *initial release to the public*
  • NL, Hilversum, Flux game conference
  • NL, Utrecht, Level Up: Gamefest
  • NL, Amsterdam, Kunstweb: 3 Dwaze doe dagen
  • NL, Arnhem, Het Hoofdkwartier, Day for ICT

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