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  • ApartGame in the media

The ApartGame did not go unnoticed. Here is a list of the encounters of it in the media.

  • TNO tests activity with (computer aided) games, december 2007 (flyer - abstract - paper)
  • Metro News (free daily newspaper), Games goed voor kinderen, dec-05-2007
  • Brabant TV, item Dutch Design Week, 12-2006
  • Magazine cover picture on Kir [Russian], The Amusement Industry Catalog, #5, 2006
  • GLAMCULT, "Creative futuristic innovations", page 5, issue #04, May-04-2006
  • Moccah, The Box (tv), item "Home of the Future", May-2006
  • School TV, Ned 3, Teleac NOT, Jan-27-2005@10:35
  • School TV, Ned 3, Z@ppelin "Kunstlicht", Dec-22-2004@11:15
  • VPRO tv-guide (weekly), extra Cinekid supplement, #42, page 5, 2004
  • RAM, live broadcast Gala Dutch Film festival, Ned 3, VPRO, Oct-10-2004
  • Eindhovens Dagblad (daily newspaper), regarding ICEC '04, page 14, Sep-02-2004
  • Viva magazine #34 (weekly magazine), page 66, 2004
  • BNN United, Radio 2, Jul-22-2004@21:10
  • Spits (free daily newspaper) "Computer om op te rammen", page 4, Jul-15-2004
  • Daily Tiger (International Film Festival Rotter, IFFR) "Twist, but don't fall over", page 18, Jan-29-2004
  • Het Parool (daily newspaper), culture section "Kinderen spelen in de digitale speeltuin van Cinekid", page 21, Oct-19-2004
  • Utrecht Nieuwsblad (weekly paper), Nov-08-2003
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