ApartGame has had a few names over the years, which makes it sometimes confusing what we are talking about. Or you come across texts to which it is referred to. This article will shed a light on this quirky matter.

From the start in 2003, when the idea was conceptualized and then built-up we had brainstorm sessions dedicated to its name, we came up with ApartSpel. So we registered a web domain and started developing flyers and texts and so on.

After a first iteration, and another one, and another one, to make the game more robust and easier to transport, we went everywhere we found interesting. At one day, early 2004, I got a grant from the HKU (Hans Wolters) to go to Vienna, Austria, to the CHI conference. ApartSpel needed to be international, translated to English: ApartGame! But since we are changing it, let's complete the name with its purpose: ApartGame Console (AGC). New flyers with Dutch text were translated to English etc.

Time passes and with every outing, we received feedback from the public. ApartGame has the word "apart" in it, and unwillingly refers to evil things from the past. When we placed the prototype under the wings of JVH Gaming Products in 2005, we once again dedicated brainstorm sessions to its name: we asked the whole company, anyone could submit theirs. There were over 200 names on the whiteboard at one point. Those were trimmed down to a shortlist and eventually, we decided: O-dynamic games.  Now too, texts, flyers, and trailers had to be newly created or adapted to the new name. But as time progresses, and people like to shorten long names it became: O-game.

After the adventure ended at JVH Gaming Products, we started to refer it back again to ApartGame, since that is how we know it best :-)