Project Description

As part of the European Media Master of Arts (EMMA) program of the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), we developed in 2003 the "Apart" gaming table for our thesis project after creating the ScratchWorx installation. We found a new direction in gaming: a gaming table combining the fun of board games and computer games to simple, yet challenging and physical games. Be active! After developing the first prototype, many user-tests have been conducted in many different settings and on locations in Europe. Without feigned modesty, it is a true eye-catcher everywhere, and people enjoy playing it, varying from conferences, resorts, exhibitions to lounge bars. For more than one and a half year we had an opportune period to develop the ApartGame into an improved, more robust prototype and fine-tuned gameplay, focusing on catering industry, i.e. provided with a coin slot. From ApartSpel and ApartGame Console to O-dynamic games or O-game for short.

O-dynamic games combine the sensation of today’s computer game and the good old family fun of a classic board game. This unique combination will challenge the users physically while it creates a social environment that brings friends and family together. The O-dynamic games inviting large round shape and ease of navigation encourages its players to actively move around the game console while trying to push the right buttons. This will challenge the focus and physical ability of even the most seasoned player. This one-of-a-kind game console allows people of all ages to be part of the action, regardless of their agility. Games can be played at various levels ranging from easy cooperative to competitive, which make it the perfect game for young and old alike. The sturdy construction of O-dynamic games will hold up even during the liveliest competition. O-dynamic games have been played and tested by a wide variety of people in many different environments and locations demonstrating the flexibility of O-dynamic games. Originally designed and developed for an audience with physical challenges and underdeveloped motor skills, it was soon apparent that everybody enjoyed pushing the right buttons.

The console is supplied with four games but can be expanded to a total of 16 games. Each game is designed to challenge the players: action and reaction games, mental and strategy games and much more. Depending on the game chosen, two to ten players can be accommodated. O-dynamic games will be fully supplied with the necessary hard- and software. The game console can be adjusted in width and equipped with a coin slot, to place it in different environments. Both the interface and the game console can be customized to personal preferences.

Future directions

User-studies and marketing research found remarkable positive results for a longing wish to put this fantastic machine on the market. At this point in time a successor with great improvements e.g. water-proof, multiple colors, easy maintainable is looking for an investor. This provides a greater flexibility of the console itself for a more diversity of locations and whereby the games become even more interesting. Locations we foresee the O-dynamic games to be at its best: concerts, events and theme parks, promotion, stand queues, catering and leisure industry and for therapeutics.


Most favorable games

Collapse Blocks drop from the center and pile up at the rim. Search for groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color, the blocks must be touching the sides. You only need to press one block in each group. A mishit incurs 5 penalty points. If 7 columns are filled with color it’s game over. Players: 1 to as much can fit (may vary) Type: cooperative, puzzle. Goal: get the high score

Hitando Hitando (hit and do ...) is a game for up to 3 teams. Each team must pick a color: red, yellow or green. When the game starts, some buttons will light up with these colors. Hit the buttons of your team’s color as quickly as possible. The lights will reappear elsewhere. The first team to dispatch 15 lights wins the game. There are 3 levels to complete. Players: 2 or 3 Type: competitive, strategic. Goal: high score

O-Ball O-ball requires 2 teams to play, each team chooses a side of the playing field. Hit the ball to return it, before it crosses the touchline. The first team to reach 10 points, wins the game! The closer to the center you hit the ball, the faster it returns. Players: 2 teams Type: competitive, sports. Goal: match winner

Snake Snake is a game for two teams. Two snakes appear on the playing field. The flashing button indicates the head of your snake. Press an adjacent button to move your snake in that direction. Red food appears in random locations on the playing field. Eat food to gain points. The first team to reach 10 points wins the game! Be careful! If your snake crashes into itself, the other team wins. Players: 2 teams Type: competitive, arcade. Goal: match winner

Older games: Music Sequencer, Reversi, Four in a Row, Shooter, Memory, Drawing, and Animation.