Project Description

The ScratchWorx multi-media DJ/VJ mixing console for live performance with 3 (or more) people simultaneously! All digital material is mixed DJ/VJ alike yet by non-traditional ways of hardware controllers. Waag Society provided their underlying software named KeyWorx and continued the prototype afterward to a next level, by Bas van Abel and Waag Society.

Requirements The question Waag Society asked was to make an open-source software application named KeyWorx suitable for Montessori students. Given that KeyWorx had complex interface aside from all thinkable media and input devices, there are many filters and settings to combine: hexagons, octagons and opening spirals with dots that can be dragged and (inter)connected. And all this for each KeyWorx client logs into the server that created one total performance in imagery and audio.

In those days, we had to use the USB port to get information in and out the computer via an i-Cube which had 4 sensors per client. There was a central server and APIs on the client to access KeyWorks from the Flash GUI. Technical document.

Team members Bas van Abel Roel Creemers Deneva Goins Daan Jobsis Dirk van de Mortel Annemieke Vliegen

This project gave me the perfect opportunity to make software, tangible! Hence my master thesis "Gaming on feel".