Project Description

Next Level Serious Software BV maintains their multitude of business information in this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) such as clients and prospects, advertisers and advertisements, SMS communication and so on. It is built with Smarty PHP template and MySQL, partly with Symfony2 and using web-services (SOAP/XML) for application communication. This part is constantly under construction as demands of the market changes, and the insight of the accumulated data can be mined and represented in different ways. The SeriousBox system is used in Belgium and Germany (including SMS services) and is therefore multilingual by default.

The CRM is initially loaded with potential leads for narrowcasting locations. These leads would come upon requesting a telephone number for a municipality, to be used for a telemarketer to submit their feedback immediately. From here the location receives a status whereas customers, receive one or more SMS accounts: their login and unique SMS keyword. Based on their account the amount of information gathered and data collected, insight is given into their usage, costs, renewal et cetera.

SeriousBox narrowcasting is a multi-fold system, consisting of: