Project Description

The Content Management System (CMS) portal for SeriousBox® clients for managing their narrowcast channel and additional tools for optimizing customer-client (B2C) interaction. The different SMS tools to the client have at their disposal are layout simple and easy to discover basic yet vital information. Aside from additional tools for communicating with their customers, there are tools to direct their own narrowcast. In the playlist editor, the complexity is diminished by dividing the screen into 3 main columns, which contain footage material and logical is sorted from left to right. There is no save button, all changes are saved immediately.

Latest feature: Target Marketing Since customers like to know who is in their location, they started to collect their mobile phone number. The guests participate in the SMS service, at the least to subscribe to the free SMS newsletter. With this number, the SeriousBox® customer can send informational SMS or SMS lotteries in bulk. The latest feature Target Marketing enables the client to interact with the end-user, via a mobile website. The customer controls the information and questions he likes to ask his guests. The guest logs in after requesting a URL with PIN via SMS. With the additional information, the SeriousBox® customer his a better idea who his guests are and organize specific events etc.

Smarty template engine. PHP. MySQL. HTML and many APIs and libraries. Responsible for the technical aspects, throughout the whole system for design, development, and management including creating support materials.

SeriousBox narrowcasting is a multi-fold system, consisting of: