Project Description

The narrowcasting software of Next Level Serious Software named SeriousBox® is a desktop Java application. It operates via storing media on the computer locally before it displays the playlist as a channel on one or more screens. Development of this part of the SeriousBox® system is carried out by an outsource team in Poland. Working in an agile environment, my role was stakeholder but also provided new design solutions for new functions, that were asked by our customers.

In 2009, Next Level offered a web-based narrowcasting app which predominately contained of pictures related to the venue and several SMS options to bind customers to the location. However, customers requested more functionality, including videos in their playlist. This application was able to deliver that. When I started working on this application, it was just released, unstable, and full of bugs.

SeriousBox has merged with the Splaire digital signage and operates since 2018 under the name

SeriousBox narrowcasting is a multi-fold system, consisting of: