Occasionally, people ask me what I do in my spare time and I am happy to tell you. So, autistic as I slightly am, here is a list:


Running is what I do regularly and I commute with my bike, and sometimes I exercise on my racebike. As you can see on my Strava account, for all the details of my workouts. I tend to go running in the morning, right after waking up and before breakfast. The first 15 minutes thoughts pop-up that occupy my mind recently. Then, after a little longer, I am able to clear my mind. I believe it feels close to a religion. I've done experiments by doing mathematics during exercise: at a certain point of intensity, it's not possible anymore do focus the mind. It's great to just let the body and mind operate autonomously and enjoy the workout. Happy being home, rinsing of.

Formula One

Dirk spending a day at the dirt bike track in his overall and designated cap. Yep, year in year out watching F1 on tv. A heritage from my family, when my uncle Paul was active on dirt bikes on Sundays: back at home, we watched the sports broadcast (Studio Sport) of that day and hoped to see a glimpse of his manches. Sometimes, there was F1 on tv too and we started watching that more and more. And later on, when it wasn't on Dutch television, I watched it on the BBC.
The technical details and advancement the teams make, combined with the drivers' talent on the different tracks on the world, is really nice to keep up with. It makes the races interesting. I have a growing attention for the other classes F2, F3 and Formula E.

House maintenance and improvements

Being a house owner, the work never ends. From painting (which is the last step of a long process) to place laminate flooring or stick draft strips on strategic places.

Indoor (and outdoor) gardening

Since 2016 I'm growing avocados and I'm trying to save red peppers to keep them indoors. I have still a lot to learn about plants. I have been fighting caterpillars, soil flies, and all sorts other bugs from infesting my (house) plants.


The IT Crowd, Rick & Morty, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Silicon Valley, Breaking Bad, Fargo, Better Call Saul, The 100, Modern Family, The Walking Death, Dexter, House, Stranger Things, Suits, Mr. Robot, Marvel's [Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Punisher], Band of Brothers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Narcos, The Americans, Lucifer, The Good Place, The Leftovers, Veronica Mars, Scorpion, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Middle, Boston Legal, I'm Dying Up Here, Ballers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kung-Fu Panda, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Cobra Kai, ..

I'm using a smart system since 2004: https://movielens.org

Spend time with loved ones

My dad passed away in 1996 after suffering from bone marrow cancer for a year. My mom is still alive and kicking. My older brother moved to the USA in 1994 and started a life there. With my ex-wife, I have a daughter (2011). I am in a new relationship with a fantastic woman.